Assignment of Expectancy

Many people have contacted us because they are concerned about who will make decisions about their claims in court if they pass before their claims are resolved. Anyone with those concerns can download and print out the form attached below to designate a person who will have that authority in your place, if you pass before your claim is resolved. After you print it out, fill in the person's name you are designating to make decisions for you about your claims if you pass. Fill in your name as the "Assignor" and the person you designate as the "Assignee."

Give the person you designate as your decision maker (the "Assignee") the original copy of the signed form. Keep a copy for your estate's records, and send a copy to send a copy to Kalima Class Action Lawsuit, PO Box 135035, Honolulu, HI 96801. You may call (808) 650-5551 or 1 (833) 639-1308 if you have any questions about the Assignment of Expectancy form.

The person you designate will have authority to make decisions about your claims and accept or reject whatever compensation is recommended.


The person you designate as the decision-maker will not receive the award unless you have prepared a will or other instrument that designates that person as the one who actually receives the award. The assignment only allows the person you designate to make decisions about your claim. Who receives the award if you pass is determined by your will or other probate document. This form is not to provide you with advice regarding how to prepare, protect, or distribute your estate. For advice concerning wills, trusts, estates, or probate, please contact and retain an attorney to advise you regarding such matters.

CLICK HERE for the Assignment of Expectancy form.